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About Us

We provide the expertise and you provide the elbow grease – that’s our motto. If you want to save money and still get beautiful, professional looking invitations then you have found the right place! We do all of the printing and you assemble – it’s that easy! All of our designs are easy to assemble. You don’t need to be crafty to do it! This year we added a new feature for us to assemble for you. You can customise (type) your invitation and we’ll print and assemble for you or you choose to have have us to do it all – we will customise and assemble. The choice is yours!


Hi everyone. My name is Corrine and I love designing wedding invitations! I started my career in California where I discovered a passion for handmade papers, stationery, cards and crafts and I began designing wedding invitations in 2005 when I moved to Ireland. I expanded my business and am now open in the UK!


During my time working with happy couples designing their invitations I came up with the idea of the self assembly kits. When hunting around for card stock, embellishments, tools, etc. I found myself on 20 different websites and completely confused. I thought if I’m a designer and I’m finding it difficult, how hard must it be for someone who is not in the design business to navitage their way around these websites? There are so many decisions and not enough instruction. From size, cardstock weight (will it work in my printer?) to formatting (how do I set this up to print correctly?) to lace and trimmings (how much will I need?), the entire process was tiresome to say the least. I took all the guess work out of equation. You can design your invitation on our website using our easy templates then simply submit and we do the rest or use some of our new options described above.


We have video tutorials if you need any guidance. Once you submit your order we print, package, label and ship your invitations. That’s when your job starts! We kept things simple so all designs are easy to assemble. You get to put your personal stamp on the invitations, you get bragging rights and you save money!


We provide the Expertise, you provide the Elbow Grease!

Wedding Fair

Wedding Fair

Here’s a pic of my daughter, Ciara, myself and Rebecca (my assistant) exhibiting at a recent event

Myself and a small staff work hard in the background to make sure your kit is just the way you ordered it.
We label all the pieces and package your kit efficiently and as quickly as we can. If you have any questions please feel to contact us:

DIY Wedding Invites
www.diywedding invites.co.uk
Phone 07396 551 666

Birmingham, UK

Lisburn, Co. Antrim, NI

Belturbet, Co. Cavan, Ireland

Meet Twinkie, our most important staff member!